May 2012 Recipe

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Eggs Benedict! (Our Version)

Each item prepared seperately and assembled quickly & easily to satisfy your tastebuds!

*We use small crossiants purchased from GFS in our area.

Slice, butter and griddle until warm and toasted.

*We use metal egg rings to help eggs keep shape when cooking on griddle.

Spray egg rings so they don't stick cook eggs, breaking yolk, until white is mostly set.

Using knife loosen edges, remove from ring and turn to cook until completely set.

*Fold and griddle pieces of sliced turkey, warming through.

*Washed and trimmed asperagus can be microwaved until tender yet crisp for perefection.

Cooking time will vary by pieces cooked. We use 5 spears top & bottom per plate.

*McCormick Hollandaise, a dry package you add water & butter to will make a perfect

sauce every time.

Assemble & enjoy!!


*Items can be cooked and held a short time in a low temperature oven, allowing several to be assembled at once.

Jeannie & Dave