April 2013 Recipe

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Rhubarb Torte!


                              Rhubarb Torte      
FROM: Jeannie Babbitt   Serving/Pan Size: 9X9
1 C   Sugar                            Crust
3 T  Corn Starch   1 C  Graham Cracker Curmbs
4 C  Rhubarb - Diced   2 T  Sugar
1/2 C  Water   4 T  Melted Butter/Marg
  Few Drops Red Food Color      
        Combine in 9X9 Pan
1 Recipe Graham Crust     Press in bottom of pan
        Bake @ 350 for 10 mn
1/2 C  Whipping Crème      
1 Pkg Vanilla- Instant  Pudding   2 T Reserved for topping
1 1/2 C  Tiny Marshmallows      
  Combine first 4 ingredients. Cook until thick. Reduce heat and cook 
  3-5 minutes for tenderness. Add food coloring.  
  Spread on cooled crust.      
  Fold together whipped crème and marshmallows.   
  Spoon over cooled rhubarb mixture.    
  Prepare pudding according to package and pour over all.
  Sprinkle with reserved crumb mix. Cool.  




Jeannie & Dave